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Did you miss your Auntie the last few days? I’m sorry I was amiss and did not leave anything good for you but I have been very busy! The boys came over yesterday and brought Auntie a new chair for Valentine’s Day…a very sweet leather chair to rest my lovely ass in while I am at the computer!! David and John were so good to come and take care of me, so now it’s your turn!!
I hope you call me and wish me a happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow…if you do, I will be most happy to send you one of my new pictures!! I think they turned out most excellent!
The weather here is cold and rainy today, so I vote for staying in and playing on the phone and with each other all day, sound good? I’ll post another new pic here to get you warmed up, ok?
Talk to you soon, lover! I have a great fantasy in mind for you…!
Erotic Phone Fantasy With Barbra Hart

Today has been uneventful for the most part. I did get a lovely box of truffles in the mail..thank you! You know who you are!!What a sweet thing to do for your Auntie!
I have been getting some phone calls from some confused boys out there so I thought I would fill you in on something. I have some web sites that tell you how you can talk to me, ok? Please review those pages BEFORE you call me! I don’t talk for free but I know how to make you happy when we are together!!
Please click on one of the links to the right…All the questions you have about how to spend time with your FAVORITE auntie can be found there…
I hope you are having a wonderul day…I have some SEXY thoughts to share with you so how about calling me after you get all relaxed…
I’ll be home all night, I plan on a nice green salad for dinner and some of those KILLER truffles and then off to bed to watch TV and play on the phone with some NASTY men!!

The response to Aunties new pictures as been INCREDIBLE!! I thought you liked you sexy auntie but it turns out you LOVE your NASTY auntie even more!!

The day as been great, so many of you taking the time to call and play with me after seeing the new picture. I love the day so far! The sun is shining and men every where are checking out my pictures and calling for some EXCITING phonesex!

I had a devilish fantasy last night after I went to bed…I was fantasizing that someone was watching me while I dressed for bed. I stood next to the bed, the room was lit by candlelight and I could sense your eyes on my naked body. Fresh from the shower I rubbed a warm, scented lotion on my big breasts and all over my tummy, ass and legs. I had a nightie laid out but decided to only wear the lotion to bed. I lay across my bed and began rubbing my breasts and pinching those big nipples until I began to get wet down below.

Then with my legs bent and open towards the window, I let me legs fall open so you could see what I have to play with!! I started stroking my swollen mound softly then began going faster and faster until I lost track of time and space and could only concentrate on my breathing and that wonderful feeling between my legs.

I wish you had been here with me! I would have asked you to give me a wonderful, lengthy, french kiss between my lower lips until I could let go and feed you some of the sweetest nectar you will ever have. I guess you can tell I need you to call me and help me live out my fantasy and have you buried deep inside me until we both explode with such intensity that we just fall to sleep!

Now, call me…Auntie is so waiting to hear from you!!

Erotic Phone Fantasy With Barbra Hart

The game was pretty good, better if you are a NE fan! I watched halftime and thought it was ok…Beatle Paul always gets me horny…he’s still so cute! Hope you like the new picture I just put up today, Let me know if you want to see more and I’ll add a page on one of my sites! Just leave a comment and I’ll get right on it!

Come and see the rest of me at Erotic Phone Fantasy With Barbra Hart

Call me soon!!

Auntie Barbra has been sooo busy the past couple of days! I had some DELICIOUS sex last night and this morning and I can’t wait to fill you in on all the juicy details! Let’s just say that my new bra and panty set did the trick!! LOL And he was SO big…OMG! I was in HEAVEN!! I’m just now going upstairs to take a nice long hot bath…wish you were here, honey!

Talk to you soon!

What a day I had today! The phone never stopped ringing and everyone was so horny! Thank You, boys for making me so happy! I feel so sexy when you call and tell me how you like to look at my pictures and find me so hot! I met 5 new guys today and think I made them all believers in the old woman is a better lover theory.. wink wink! Had a couple of the eating out of my hand and dreaming about eating out of something else! lolol

The sun came out today and it was almost 60 degrees! I have violets beginning to bloom and the neighbor guy has daffodils up already! Seems hard to believe that only a few weeks ago there was 2 feet of snow on the ground, Spring is in the air!

God was very merciful and kept me on the telephone during the State of the Union address, I prefer reading Mr. Bush’s speeches rather than trying to listen to them! SO, I talked to 2 very horny guys, one a Democrat…LOL and another one, well, who knows, I’m not sure he knows much more than he loves my big tits…LOL

Well, I’m off to watch some tv and to wait for the phone to ring again…Come on fella, Don’t keep Auntie Waiting!

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Well, today turned out good and bad…I had lots of fun on the phone with some very hot guys earlier today, seemed like I only put the phone down and it rang again! Then after lunch things slowed down and I started doing all my chores…Yes, it’s true, even sexy hot women have to do chores! That is when things went bad…

I own 3 vacuum’s, 2 won’t suck up anything and the other is upstairs and I’m not about to lug that sucker I bought a new one from my fav store

Then I got a new mop from Singer, what a piece of crap…LOL I fired my housekeeper last month and now it’s up to me to clean and omg..I would much rather talk to a hot guy, take a bath, wash the dog, ANYTHING but mop the floors. Well…I need another mop or housekeeper, help me decide…leave me a comment and tell me what I should do!

So, the finally thing is the cell phone…WHAT IS IT ABOUT THOSE DAMN THINGS??? I cannot be alone in my frustration over poor reception. Sure you can connect with someone but when did you EVER have a phone call that was not prolonged by having to repeat yourself over and over or make you want to throw the damn thing out the window! I tried to chat with someone and the damn phone acted up, now he’s pissy and won’t talk to me. I’m being punished for bad ph reception and my inability to act like nothing was bugging me!! The guy won’t even come online so I can humble myself to him and apologize. Why must I be punished??

OK…I feel better, I probably just need to cum…How about it, wanna help me out?


After a very quiet week last week on the phone today has started off SO sexy!! Some of my best phone boys have already called me today and have kept me so busy the time has just flown by! I love it when my phone rings, it means someone out there is thinking about me and wants to share his fantasy with me!! Horny men are the best!!

It’s been wild today and I hope you will come and see me too!

Well, bear with me for a minute, I’m about to go on a rant! You know what I hate more than anything? When I find out that a company I do business with OUTSOURCES their customer service to another country. If it’s India, I go out of my mind because on top of American’s not doing those jobs but now I can’t even UNDERSTAND what their CSR is saying, for Cripe’s sake! Today it turns out outsources to Nova Scotia…that would be Canada. I have NOTHING against Canadians, in fact, I married one a long time ago…BUT…If I’m doing business with a US biz, I want them to HIRE American’s and give someone HERE a job! Not only is this bad for the worker but if a Canadian is getting paid NO ONE is paying into the Social Security fund, a states unemployment and not only that but the money they earn is going to be spent in CANADA!! How can this be??? What part of this do I not understand? How can OUTSOURCING help anyone except BIG BUSINESS! Damn, Hewlett Packard/Compaq, Neiman-Marcus and now…holy moly Batman! I’m going to have to go to the mall!!

Make your Auntie feel me up and tell me how much you love my big boobs!