All posts for the month March, 2005

I guess you are wondering where I have been and what I have been up to! Well, it’s been a fun last few days and just between you and me…it’s been HOT too!! Wink Wink!
I went to visit a guy I met online a while back. He lives a couple states away and is so sexy! Yes, he is younger than me but you know how much I love those hard bodies and stiff dicks on a younger guy. We met up at a resort, I left my dog at home and he left his wife at his house..giggle!! I know, I know, what a slut…what can I say…he has an 8 inch hard as steel German cock and I can’t leave it alone! Anyway, we spent lots of time outside in the sunshine and even got to have a quickie on the beach!! You will have to call me to hear more of the details…I need to run and go soak in the tub for a while…I can’t wait to hear from you, now call me!

Good Morning, My Sexy Friends!
I hope your weather is as wonderful as mine! It seems impossible but it was 80 degrees at my house on Friday!! Yesterday was just as great and I got to spend some time working in my garden in between phone calls from my sexy friends. Today my plan is to get some rest and play on the phone. Would you like to play with your favorite Auntie? Remember my website is only a click away…
Erotic Phone Fantasy With Barbra Hart
I’m waiting, Sugar…Cum visit your favorite woman and make today a very HOT Sunday!

Do I have something HOT to share with you!! It’s so wicked I can’t post it here so you will have to call me to hear all about it. I have started working with some kids who are having some troubles at school and I’m having just too much fun…LOL Boys love a woman with big breasts and a hot ass, that is all I’m saying…giggle!

Hello, Boys! Auntie has been very busy the last few days and I have not even had time to write to you. I’m sorry but it seems like if the phone is not ringing with one of you needing some attention, the doorbell is ringing with one of you on my porch!! Call me soon so I can fill you in on all the nasty details of my day and especially my HOT nights!

I heard from one of my favorite phone boys today. You know who you are!! We had a very sexxxy time together this afternoon and I can’t wait until the next time. It’s raining and cold where I live and it was so awesome to hear from so many sexy boys today. I really needed a lift and after the day of sexy chat I had, I do feel lifted up!! wink wink!
My old dog is losing his mind, he has started howling out in the kitchen while I spend most of my time here in the parlour. Poor boy! He is 14 and just can’t seem to figure out where he is or who I am from time to time. If you hear him crying when you call, just pretend it’s a lone wolf…LOL Howling at the moon and watching you service your Auntie’s pretty pussy…
Tomorrow is a work out day so I’ll be away for about 90 minutes in the early afternoon but I will be home the rest of the day and I will be taking phone calls.
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Erotic Phone Fantasy With Barbra Hart
Call me soon!
Auntie Barbra