All posts for the month April, 2005

Where does the time go? April is almost over and before you know it summer will be here. I have been busy the past few days getting my garden ready for planting. Won’t be long and your favorite Auntie will be playing outside in the water wearing a bikini top and short shorts…got to keep the neighbors amused, don’t you know!
I have been meetings lots of new boys, some from reading my blog. Please let me know what you think of my web sites, most of them are listed here on my page…
I went into town today, it was 80 degrees and wonderful. I had the stereo on and the sunroof open and got a bit of sun. A beautiful fuschia came home with me and now resides on my back porch. So pretty and just what I wanted.
You know what else I want? I want you to call me up and tell me all the dirty little things you want to do to your favorite auntie. Tell me how much my boobs get you horny and let me listen to you rub your prick.
Come on now, be a good boy, it’s time to CUM 4 AUNTIE!!

Are you a Minuteman Project volunteer? Do you support the efforts of those who are monitoring the US/Mexico border? I find you so SEXY!! Defending our borders and doing your part to stem to tide of illegals flooding our country and breaking laws? If that describes you, call me this weekend for a great deal on time with Me!! I’m home all weekend and can’t wait to reward you with lots of hot fun!!
Erotic Phone Fantasy With Barbra Hart

Auntie would love to help you with all that irritation and frustation you feel over paying your taxes!! Call me soon and Auntie will make you feel better! You can tell me all about it, sweetie! Owe alot? Auntie will give you a BIG, wet discount!

I can’t believe it either, April 3rd and it’s snowing. So, I am stuck inside and hoping my favorite boys will call me up and spend some quality time with their auntie. If you call me today and tell me you read this post, you can talk for twice the time for half the cost! How about that!!
Auntie wants to play and can’t wait to play with YOU!
Erotic Phone Fantasy With Barbra Hart