All posts for the month July, 2005

I hope you will forgive my absence over the past month or so but I have some great excuses! I was sick for a bit, damn asthma drove me crazy and then I got some company from out of town. First family…that was nice, it’s always great to see them and even better to see them go! LOL Summer brings all the cousins, Aunties and Uncles to visit the wonderful Pacific Northwest!
I have a great story to tell you to make up for being missing in action…are you ready? Fasten your seatbelt, baby, you are going to love this one!
My current sexy toy, Les, was here to visit! We took a break from our constant lust for each other the other night and decided to go out and have some drinks and watch the locals do some dancing for us!! We had a BUNCH of drinks, Jack Daniels for both of us, I love what happens to Les when he gets some Jack Black in him…Let’s just say a ‘whiskey dick’ makes me very happy!!
Well, we were sitting a table in the corner and I noticed Les had his eye on this young, Asian girl who was wearing skin tight jeans and no panties!! He really goes for that slim, tight body!! Anyway, he was rubbing the front of his jeans and was so hard I could see his hard dick straining to get out…
Well, I leaned over and told him that he should pull it out and stroke it for me and he said, only if I would slide my hand down the top of my shirt and play with my clit! I had just enough drinks to do it…So, there we were masturbating ourselves right in the bar! He is such a great kisser, he kept putting his tongue in my mouth and I kept getting wetter and wetter!
The next thing you know I was cumming and he leaned back and told me he was going to shoot..I leaned right over, took his dick down my throat and he shot the biggest load of the day for me! I milked his dick until it was soft and then sat back up!
It was so great…I don’t know if anyone saw us but it sure did make me horny!!
We had to go outside and fuck in his SUV before we left to go home…
Man, nothing like a hot summer to make your auntie HORNY!! I’m all alone now, no company, no illness to keep me down. Let’s make up for lost time…Call me up and let’s get NASTY, boys!!
$2 minute/10min minumum
Credit/Debit Cards
21+ to call!!