All posts for the month January, 2006

I have spent the last few days moving into a new house; what a pain in my tight ass. The only good thing about it is I’m almost done and the men hooking me up are delicious. Phone guy was here right after lunch and got me all jacked up. Internet guy was just here working on me. I had to go in to the other room, I watched him through the doorway, rubbing my pussy getting all hot and wet down there. Watching men work makes my pussy so wet. Your auntie loves to be taken care of and having strong men around!!! God, my pussy swells with love.

Your Auntie had one hot day. Boyfriend is heading back up state for work in the morning. Your Auntie got serviced well today and trust me I needed it. Give your Auntie a call Lover and I’ll fill you in on what he did to me doggie style. Smooooch Lover.

This Morning is really heating up. My Boyfriend slipped in this morning while I was still in bed. He made coffee and brought it in to the bed room for me. I took a sip what a way to the start day. What I didn’t expect was him slipped between my thighs I had to grab the sheets to control my self. He loves turning me on at the most unexpected time. Running his tongue across my thighs and up to my now steaming wet pussy, I couldn’t believe it. He ran his tongue across my pussy lips and I lost it. I slid down in to the bed I was his. He grabbed me by my ass and shoved me into his mouth. He was relentless sucking my on lips running that tongue across my clit and into my pussy. He sucked the sweet morning cream right out of me. Then sat me up and said good morning here is your coffee. I can’t wait for the rest of the day; God I’m so fucking horny.

Auntie Barbra is extremely horny this morning. My pussy is so wet and my ass is quivering thinking about sucking my lovers cock. Having him finger my ass out and rubbing my clit and using my own hot love juice to get my ass going. Your Auntie needs a good stiff one. Take care of my love spot and I’ll take care of you.

The New Year has started with a bang. Had a blow out party with some friends and had a great time. My thighs are hot and my pussy is ready for a great year. I’ve been working on my nice round ass for you boys out there. Your Auntie needs some love’n. Give Auntie a call and tell Auntie Barbra your fantasies and deep dark secrets.