All posts for the month June, 2006

Well, it’s been a wild week, my sexy ones! Boys cumming and going if you know what I mean. I went to a wicked party last night with a new pal and boy did I meet a couple of SEXXXXY men!
One married (of course) and the other too young so I was very happy…You know me, if you are not available, I can’t keep my legs from wrapping around you…naughty Barbra…wink wink
I’ve been SUPER horny all week and I’m thinking I need to get laid BAD…In the meantime, I have picked up a habit that might get me in hot water!
I have this great deck off my living room with the most FAB view of the mountains. Well, I go out there and sleep in this great chair. The other day, after my shower, I went out wearing a little cotton cami and a long, flimy skirt. No panties, right? I laid there letting the sun dry my hair and I decided to slid my skirt up to get some color on them. Well, the next thing you know, I had my legs spread wide open and I was rubbing my pussy like no tomorrow…Oh, the fantasy I was having was so good…I had me 2 cocks, one beside my chair and the other drilling me hard and fast…I came so hard! It was great…don’t you just luv jerking off outside? man, nothing like it!
Well, this is the start of a long weekend for some of my lovers and I’m thinking I might get lonely. So, if you mention my blog, I’ll give you that 20 for $40 special that you all like so much!
Thats right, 20 of the hottest, sexiest, nastiest minutes you can handle for only $40..that saves you $10 so you can still buy that beer! Beer, boobs, beating off and me…It’s going to be a great 4th of July…
Love you…

It’s a beautiful but very hotttt day outside, maybe 106 by this afternoon. I love sizzling hot days and a house that is dark and cool. I’ve got the AC on high, cold beer in the fridge and a bbq for dinner. I”m sitting around in some short shorts and a tiny little tshirt and I would love some company.
How about it…feeling as naughty as I am? Cum 4 auntie, honey…like a good boy…

Hello Daddy’s out there! You need some comfort today, don’t you? All that rushing around all week leaves you all worn out. Why don’t you call me and spend some time talking about the most important thing in life…your dick! I know what you like, you like soft spoken women with an openmind and a wet pussy, isn’t that right?
The weekend has been filled with lots and lots of nasty boys who want to fuck their Auntie. I’m so lucky to have such a great bunch of sexy men who lust for me. Are you one of them? Don’t you want to spend time with me and get off with me today? My w/end special still applies! Any calls done today will save you money! And I KNOW how much you love that…wink!
Mention my blog when you call and I’ll give you 20 hot, wicked, nasty minutes for only $40!
Call me now, let’s get busy !


Hey fellas! Price of gas got you down? All horny and no one home to fuck? Auntie has such a deal for you! Call me over the weekend and I’ll give you 20 minutes for only $40! Just remember to ask for Aunties hot summer special! Now you know I don’t cum cheap and you know you get what you pay for, right? Cum visit Auntie Barbra at her own site and check out all the erotic pics I have for you to look at…I know you will get nice and hard when you do it and you will most definitely need to call and cum with your hot auntie….
Let’s get off together soon, you know your Auntie loves you!

it’s been super busy over here, men cumming, er coming and going! The weather has been super nice so I’ve been spending alot of time either on the deck in my bikini, yes, your auntie still wears a bikini!! or down at the river. I thought you might like to see a pic of the boat my new fuck buddy took me out in…it goes so fast! And so does he! You should call me so I can tell you how nasty we got later that day in that boat…Naked boating…oooolala!
You remember my number, right?? 888-841-9858

I know a lot of you tried to reach me over the weekend and I”m sorry I was not around. I had a giant family get together and played for 3 days! I’m back on the phone and can’t wait for you to call me! I”m juicy and waiting, pick up the phone and satisfy your auntie!!