All posts for the month August, 2006

I told some of you about my new baby! Here it is, parked at Seal Beach on my way home…Love that car…it’s an IS 350 and I bet it goes faster than yours! Thanks for your continued support and devotion! Your Auntie is very happy to have gotten her little car…Smooches!

I’m so happy to be on the phone today! Some very hot guys have been keeping me busy and away from my computer so I have not had time to write! I was away last week and had my pals Megan and Carol answer my phones for me…I heard that they made you boys very happy! Both of them told me how lucky I am to have such a great group of callers! Feel free to call those ladies again, I know you all love variety in your women, even us on the phone!
I made a new friend and I want you to check her out… Here is her URL so you can see what she offers and if you call her, please let her know that Auntie Barbra sent you! Ms. Eiger bills through NiteFlirt, I know that is so different than what you are used to but she is hot and might be able to be strict with you naughty boys in a way that your sweet auntie is not…
Call me soon…we have SO much to talk about….

Oh, boy…I was gone all week and I had a GREAT time…I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I’ll be answering the phone again in the morning and we can have some fun. The house had a hot tub and a huge deck that overlooked the ocean. Thursday was so nice and sunny I did a little naked sunbathing in between dips in the hot tub. Of course, I had some hot thoughts of you, my special ones, and came over and over…right out there in the sun…oh my!
I have some secret stuff to tell you when you call…just too hot for my blog!
Can’t wait to tell you alllll about it!