All posts for the month December, 2006

I have not been able to get into this silly blog for the past week! I have tried everything and tried often but nothing I tried worked….Darn thing! I am sexy and I’m smart but this time Blogger gave me a run for my money! I hope you did not miss me too much, it’s getting close to Christmas and I did not want you to think I had forgotten my horny friends! I had a party last w/end to ‘trim’ my tree and it was so much fun! You know my gal pal Megan, she was here with her husband…what eye candy he is! She looked so cute in a short little mini and fur trimmed bra! She bent over to work on the garland and I noticed she forgot her panties! She has been doing a LOT of work on her web site you should check it out. She’s got a new site for you horn dogs with a smoking fetish, she says she can blow you to a creamy finish…hot hot hot! I saw some new pics of her in some serious bling that she is going to put up soon…she’s a hottie for sure…
I’m working on a new web site for a wicked chick that just hooked up with us. Her name is Alexis and she is domme. Some of you guys have asked me for a domination or humiliation session and I have not had someone to send you to. Well, guess what? Alexis does web cam and phone calls and wait til you see her…OMG! There are tons of pics of her in a gallery I put up at but the pic on this posting is her…Yikes! She’s got one of those kind of voices too, if you know what I mean…Tomorrow I’ll give you her site address but I have to run now and get a bath…I’m having someone special over tonight for a little Christmas cheer…I’m going to wear a fuzzy, lowcut sweater, tight black skirt, hose and some wicked heels! doesn’t that sound pretty? He says he has a package for me! I hope it’s a big one! wink!! wink!!

Auntie is home from her trip and I wanted to show you something very pretty. How do you like all that white stuff? I will have a BIG surprise for you this w/end, be sure and come back and read all about it!