All posts for the month January, 2007

So, the new pictures are a HUGE hit! I’m so glad! I know you have been asking to see a more initimate side of me, you know pics taken here at home. Well, I had NO idea what would happen when I showed them to some of you! The compliments are great, the phone will NOT stop ringing and the powerful orgasms that I hear on the phone are making your Auntie so wet! Anyway, here is another one for ya…

Now, call me and I’ll send you one for your very own jerkoff sessions when Auntie can’t be there for you…smooch

Auntie Barbra

Is that my sweet boy watching me sleep? I can see you there, peeking and rubbing the front of your pants. Would you like to see under the sheets? Maybe if I turn just a bit I can make the top sheet slide off my breasts so my boy can see Auntie’s big boobies…Sound like a good fantasy? Call me right away and I’ll show you more of these brand new pics I just got back. You are going to love them!

I am having the worst time logging in to this crazy blogger! I might have to move all my postings to another blog so be sure and click on Auntie’s Blog on my page at to find me if you discover this one is gone…
So, you all were so good to me over the holidays! Didn’t we have some fun! All your notes and phone calls meant a lot and I’m glad I got to spend time with you special ones, and you know who you are! smooch!

It’s a new year and I’m up to some naughty tricks to keep you boys hard and horny. You will have to call me and ask what’s new and I’ll share what I’m doing with some of the girls who take phone calls with me. We did some work to last weekend and gave Diane a new fresh look. She has a most awesome body and we put up lots of XXX pics in her members area. Remember if you just do 1 10min call with her, she will give up her password and you can see the pics you boys love so darn much…wink wink! She’s a dirty one, that Diane!

I”m out tonight, going to a wedding…Dressed to the hilt, tight black silk minidress with stockings and heels. Got my hair piled up on my head all sexy like and lots of shiny bling to make the men wish they were having some wedding night fun with me! I’m going with a girlfriend and after we are hitting the town to tease and deny as many guys as possible. I’ll be all hot and bothered when I get home, if you call, you might catch me all wet and sexy…yummmmy! How about if I’m your dessert? You know you want it…talk to you soon, sexxxxxy!