All posts for the month February, 2007

Nice to see you…I hope you have been reading some of my posts on my new wordpress site, if you don’t know about it check out and tell me what you think the next time you call…

I had a great time at the beach, got some rest, ate lots of fish and took a hot tub or 2 or 3..LOL I met a local guy who lives up the beach and we enjoyed a nice bottle of wine and a few hot kisses before he went back to his sleeping wife…lol I took his number and promised I would call him soon…rightttt…hope he is not holding his breath…you know it’s YOU I want, right?

My friend, Susan, has been chosen to sit on for a while, check her out…red hair and what a body…wow! You are gonna love her. She’s on some of the same sites I am on and has her own page too. She’s great, if I’m not around, give her a call and see what she can do! I have heard some hot, nasty things from boys who have gotten ahold of her…she’s a hottie, for sure!

Tomorrow is a holiday, I hope you will be home and will find time to have some sexy fun with me…I’ll be here all day, and I need some attention, ok? Call me, baby and tell me something naughty…I can’t wait!

I am!! I’m sitting here hoping that today brings me a hot phone call or two! I will be home all day today getting ready for my beach trip! I leave tomorrow and I cannot wait! The house I will be staying in has a hot tub with a nice view and even if it rains all day, I won’t care! I love going to the beach and watching the ocean! It’s too late in the season to see any whales but maybe I can have some fun when I go down to the docks and buy some fresh tuna and a crab or 2…

My friend can’t come with me this time, so I’m hoping some of you will call and keep me busy with my hot little puss…I’m taking toys and I have some NEW porn! I love watching guys jerkoff and one of the DVD’s is all solo action….that should get my engine purring and ready to play when you call me!

So, have you been to my new site? it’s done in wordpress so I can post something new to it everyday for you. Between here and there, I’ll keep you up to date on my cummings, er, comings and goings…LOL

Now, get on that phone and call your Auntie. I’m horny and I need some attention today!

Guess what…I know it’s probably got some ego thing about it, but I finally decided to get a web site address you can all remember…LOL Come see my new page

I will be adding to posts over there daily but will still come here and share some pics and naughty thoughts from time to time.

I’m leaving for the beach on Tuesday, I will forward my home phone to the beach so after about 6pm on Tuesday the 13th to sometime on Friday the 16th, if you call me, I’ll be answering from the beach house. I’ll take my camera and show you where I am while I’m over there. Should be fun! I was going with a gal friend from high school days but she can’t go! So, I’ll need lots and lots of company on the phone while I’m there all curled up by the fire or outside in the hot tub!

Here’s a naughty pic for you…check out my new page and then give me a call and tell me something nasty!


It’s going to be a great day for the game! I started celebrating yesterday with a bbq and wine tasting here at my house with a bunch of friends. The guys were all pumped up over the big game and the testosterone was thick in the air…nothing like a little football to get a cock all stirred up! I wore my little cheerleader outfit and got lots and lots of attention!

I started up a new girl to work at night while I’m getting my beauty rest. Her name is Monica and she is very good on the phone, not to mention, HOT as all get out! She has a very sweet voice and from the comments I’m getting she is MOST good on the phone… You can check her out at Give her a call and then let me know what you think…This is another one of my new pictures…We redesigned my new site be sure and check it out and I just bought a domain for you boys who can’t remember where I am, it’s not up yet but it will be called how cute is that…lol Gotta make it easy on you boys, sometimes you can’t think straight when you have big, hard cocks, huh? Call me soon, Your hot Auntie is waiting for some attention!