All posts for the month March, 2007

So, what are you waiting for?? I’m here and waiting, don’t you like your Auntie to be ready for you? Bet you are surprised I’m so forward, huh? Well, sometimes, a woman needs what she needs and at this moment it is YOU!

I know I have been scarce lately, I’ve been so busy on the phone, I hired a SEXY older woman to keep you boys busy! Her name is Stella and her web site will be ready for you very very soon! She is getting her husband to take some pics for her page and she is very excited to meet you all. She has this thing for teaching younger guys how to take care of a woman and loves to give you new ways to stroke your cocks! She even taught me something new to try on you!!

Don’t know if you found Auntie’s newest web site…I’m not on it but I have 4 GREAT friends who are. They are Urban Cougars…you know older chicks who hunt younger guys to fuck…LOL Love that! One of the girls on there just turned 30 and we threw her a Cougar Coming Out party for her birthday…it was great, we had young stripper boys and things got sticky if you know what I mean…wink wink! LOL Here is the link to the new site…enjoy!

Call me up and tell me how much you love the new site…I’ll be here all weekend, waiting for you and playing on the phone…don’t keep your Auntie waiting!