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Auntie needs some lovin’ today, honey….

I’m in the mood to do some serious pleasure instruction. You know you get turned on by my big boobs and long, smooth, sexy legs, don’t you? How about if you come over and give your Auntie a nice, big, wet kiss on my full, juicy lips…yes, I mean those lips, honey…

I’m home all weekend, it’s sunny and 80 degrees here today and tomorrow..I’m heading out to get some sun and want you to lotion me up so I don’t burn…start down there with my pretty feet and work your way up to those milky tits you wanna suck so bad…

Can’t wait to talk to you!


Good Morning, my sexy boys!

I hope you have been missing me, I know I have been missing you!! I have been SO busy teasing you fellas on the phone that I have not had time to run over here and write to you! I hope you like the picture today, I like showing off for you!

I had a visit from a HOT guy over the w/end and have LOTS of wicked sexy things to tell you about. I know you dream about having some naughty fun with your horny auntie and I dream about you too!

How about if you call me today and I can tell you how I want you to play with your cock for me. You KNOW how much I LOVE watching…yummmy! Send me a pic of your awesome erection and I’ll be able to dream about YOU fucking me…!

I’m home all day and hope we can spend some time exploring your dirty little fantasy and getting some relief from all these HORNIES we are feeling…

Now call me, Lover, I want to play with YOU!

Personally I think a nice fantasy with your favorite phone sex Auntie is just what you need. What is better after a stressful, hectic day then to unwind with some sexxxy pics, your phone and Me! I promise to give you a tongue massage you will never forget and that’s on the phone! Just imagine my big, soft, warm breasts pressing against you will you sit there at your computer, looking at me and rubbing your hard dick…

What are you waiting for? Christmas? If I know anything, I know you need to seize every opportunity to feel good, to make yourself happy and to CUM…Why waste another minute…share it with me…

Call me up, let’s have some fun, ok?

I hope you are horny today, sitting there looking at my big, warm, soft breasts and remembering how hot you got when you used to check out your own auntie as a boy….I know your cock is thickening up right now, in a different way then before. Oh, the feeling of cumming when you fantasize about an older woman, taking you, seducing you for your own good. I LOVE it too and hope you can take some time for me very soon!

I am so wet today, it would be a GREAT time for us…call me with your deepest, most secret of thoughts. You know you are safe with me, Auntie understands…let me make you a man, honey…


Hey Sexy Boys! I have been busy getting the garden ready for planting and found the cutest new landscaper to give me ‘a hand’ in the yard…wink wink…should be good, he’s young and strong and he thinks I’m sexy…yummy!

I’m going to be home all week but on Friday I’m leaving for Easter w/end. I’m going to spend 3 days in the mountains in a log cabin..I think it sounds so romantic! No hot tub but a big fireplace and lots of fun things to do!!

I’ll be sure and take some pictures and tell you all about it…Now, call me, boys!