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What a week it has been!! Wow! Busy Busy Busy! I can’t wait to tell you all the FUN things I have been doing this month! Thank you SO much for all the nice things you have been saying in emails and in ph calls about my newest pictures!! You make me feel so sexy when you pant that way…LOL

So, what are you doing this w/end? The locals will have having a memorial w/end festival on the river with a parade on Saturday and hydroplane races on the river. Course there is a carnival in town and lots of drunk, horny guys trolling all the clubs…I can’t wait!! woohoo!!

I have some plans with friends but will be home to play some too. If I don’t answer during the day, chances are that Carol at will answer. She is getting so popular with you guys that I have noticed you are starting to call her directly!! I’m SO happy you like the women that I have answering the phones these days. It’s hard to tell how a girl will do until you put her on the phone and see what happens. I appreciate all the feedback you give me, even when they suck! LOL I don’t mean SUCK in a good way either…LOL I hate having to deep 6 them if they are not up to my standards but if you are going to call us, I need to know that whoever picks up that phone is attentive, personable and of course, SEXY!! If someone can’t manage that, they are history around here and I go out searching for the next one.
Melanie is getting TONS of calls and requests for web cam! She loves showing off that chubby body of hers and you guys seem to love her sweet voice and naughty mind. She is working out GREAT and I’m glad she decided to join me in pleasing you hot guys.

Now, I need to ask for a favor…I need some help pulling my site up in the rankings on a site I advertise on…could you just click here

and throw me a vote…I will love you for it! SMOOCHES

Now, call me up today and let’s get an early start on the w/end…I’ll be waiting out in the sun!



I posted a BUNCH of new pics in my gallery on

Auntie Phone Sex

and I HOPE you will go and check them out…

There are 3 new sets of pics, one of me in a sexy red, plaid shirt, some of me in a dark wig, pigtails and red high tops (ok, those were done for a modeling job and not really my style, but I thought you might like to see them anyway…lol)and some killer shots of your FAVORITE auntie sitting on a cute white table. I have heard thru email and calls that those are the favorite so far.

On a different note, have you noticed how many phone sex girls are now aunties, mommy’s and milfs? I say, welcome aboard! I remember years ago I had to FIGHT my service owner to let me just be me. Back in those days you had to be YOUNG, BLONDE and have big, fake titties to get callers. Well, I knew, even back then, that you guys like REAL want to know who you are talking to and you appreciate an older woman in the bedroom. You know we love sex, we are not into playing games or any of that other young girl stuff. Why mess around with empty headed barely legal girls that just don’t get it.

Come see the urban cougars at These older babes are HUNGRY for young, stiff cocks. They all have 1 thing in common…they seek out younger men for sex…How can you resist that??? LOL

Well, I’m off to get my workout done…Auntie must keep her ass nice and firm for you!

Talk to you soon, lover…

Auntie Barbra


How are you today, my hot reader? I hope you know I have been missing all the attention you give me! I know you have been busy checking out Melanie since she signed on a couple weeks ago…her phone has been very busy! But you know your Auntie needs some attention, too! LOL

The picture I am posting today is one of a set that was a special request from a caller who has a fetish for white panties and women in hightop tennies…Hey, everyone has something different that turns them on…I just do my best to take care of all my boys and meet their needs, if you know what I mean…LOL

Now that you are nice and hard, give me a call..I have lots of dirty things on my mind…


Barbra 1-888-841-9858

Well, honey, I’m back from my little vacation to the beach. I gotta tell you, it was FAB!! I went with a long long long time friend (since high school!!) and we had a GREAT time! The weather was incredible, the house I rented had a view that was awesome and I even got to have some fun on Sunday afternoon with a couple bad boys I met in Old Town. You will have to get with me to find about the dirty details but I can tell you this…I was rode hard and BOY did I need it! They were there on their Harley’s and you know me and bad boys…I just could not resist their offer to take me for a ride on the sand. It was so much fun!! and they were SEXXXXXY!

I understand from Melanie that you boys are enjoying her on the phone and especially when she fires up that HOT web cam of hers! I know you love women with big, soft breasts and nice, strong thighs and she is THAT!

Now, get busy and call me today! I need to cum and you know I need you to help me!!

That Sunday, May 6th is my birthday??? Well, it is!! Auntie is going away on Friday and won’t be home until Monday afternoon. I know I won’t get to spend any time with you over the weekend so I’m hoping you will call today and wish me a happy day…You know YOU are my favorite, right? Smooch!

After I come back I’m going to introduce you to my new pal Nicole. She’s a hot girl and reminds me a lot of myself when I was a bit younger. She’s got what you love, pretty face, nice hair, big boobies and a nice round ass. And to top that all off, she is GREAT on the phone! She is going to do web cam, too so you know she is as real as they cum, er, come…LOL

Now, look through the pics on my blog, then take yourself on over to my new site and once you are nice and horny call me up so we can get SEXY!