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I double love blogging to you hot guys. Knowing you are sitting there waiting for my fingers to type some dirty little story or tell you how horny I am gets me so excited. Summer is about over and I will be sad to see the end of it this year. It was not too hot here and very beautiful every single day. I feel for you guys in the East…that humidity must be killer. No, here in God’s country it’s dry and warm and sunny! You just can’t beat the NW for weather, wine and women!

I have a huge party to attend on Saturday. I organized a big family reunion for my family, last count has about 80 coming from all over! I’m so excited, I have a very strict timeline on Saturday starting out with hair and nails, then off to the bakery, then to the park to set up the tables for all of us….I’ll tell you all about it next week, ok? The best part is, Saturday nite we are all going to the county fair. I can’t wait for that! I love the lights of the carnival at night and you can bet I’m gonna get me one of those corn dogs, baby…wooohoooo!

I’m a local girl and remember going to the fair as a horny teenager. Oh those FFA boys did love my great big boobies. It was so hot getting picked up and kissed like mad down in the barns. I would love to relive that one more time…ahhhh, to be 15 again…wow!

So, I went and met up with my secret man last Saturday. He is nice and you will have to call for the dirty stuff but he said my blowjobs rate an 11 on the 1-10 scale…how about that! You don’t have to worry about losing your Auntie to someone, honey. You know I will always be here for you, you are my favorite!

Ok, Auntie needs to get moving…I’m off the treadmill to keep my legs nice and strong and that ass you love so much nice and tight…then I’ll get my shower and maybe think about you for awhile. Yummmy…Call me, I’m home all day and can’t think of anything better than to spend some time talking about sexy stuff with YOU!

Love you Baby…


OH Happy Day, Blog Buddies!!

I am so pleased to announce that my newest, greatest, hottest new project has been completed and is ready to be shown off to the phone sex world!! Oh, I hope you like it!!!!!!!!!!!

So, you know I have been doing phone for almost 10 yrs, right? During that time I have met A LOT of women who also take calls from home. I have met good ones and I have met HORRID ones, old ones, young ones…all kinds of women! Some have worked for me, some still work for me and some have just started meeting you fellas in the past couple weeks. Well, anyway…I have a new site for you to see….I have pics of about 50 phone sex girls who will be available for chat with you horny boys…you can see them all on the pages and then you call me and I’ll get the chicka to call you back! Only I know your name and c/card number so you have no worries! Since it’s a callback service, the price is less and you are totally private…how great is that!!

Go over now and check it out and then let me know what you think! I”m interviewing new voices all w/end so get ready to get off with the BEST of the best out there! You know you can count on me to bring you ONLY the best…after all these years, it’s the least I can do to say thank you!!!


Hey there my hot stud!! It’s been a pretty good day. Your sexy Auntie got to lay down on the bed for a bit, I tried to take a nap. I bet you know how that went don’t you? I find it hard to fall asleep without first having a good cum. Had you been here you could eat me out or pull me to the edge of the bed and drill me. Give me a call sexy and you can tell your auntie exactly what you want to do to me.