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The weather is just unreal up here in Oregon, sunny and so nice and warm. I went out to lunch yesterday with my friend, Sally. She got back from a 10 day trip to ITALY! I am so jealous but she brought me back a lovely silk scarf from Bellagio and told me everything I missed! Imagine you and me in the villa she was in…3 stories, french doors with balconies overlooking Lake Como…what a dream…
Well, this weekend you might have trouble reaching me. I am going to take a last minute getaway and run down to Humbolt County in California to romp amongst the Redwoods. I have rented a nice little cottage that sits on a bluff above the Mad River and will be there Friday and Saturday nights and will return home on Sunday morning. There is a phone in the house and I’ll be answering on and off but if you don’t get me do me a favor and talk to gina she’s a good girl and everyone who has tried her so far, really likes her. Wanna see her site? just go to

So, that’s it for today, call me, I’m lonely…
smooch 888-841-9858

How is everyone today? I just spent the past hour on the phone with the HORNIEST guy! I love hearing a man tell me how sexy he thinks I am and how bad he wants me. MMMM, sends shivers down my back listing to that breathless, husky tone your voice gets when you are thinking very naughty thoughts. Do you enjoy viewing my photos there in the dark? Sitting there alone with your computer and me? don’t you wish you could hear my voice? Encouraging and seducing you? Taking you places you only dare to dream about?

I’m home all day enjoying my life and feeling very sexy. All dressed in silk and hoping to spend the day in erotic fantasyland with someone like you…I hope you will check out my main site at My special site, is in the works, I’m currently working with new designers to make it as special as you all deserve. I love your calls and emails and hope to hear from you very soon…you know I need you!! and you are the best!!

Barbra 888-841-9858

I double love my new pictures and from the phone calls and emails I’m getting YOU love them too! I get so HOT knowing that you are doing what you are doing when you look at me and when I get to hear you all excited, well, that’s a double win! I’m thinking about another trip to the beach next Friday but this w/end I’ll be home and accepting phone calls. I am going to be working on a new web site for ME!! Keep watching, it will be my solo site, all about Barbra Hart with tons of pictures and a secure members area that you can access with a password I will give you during our phone time. I am very excited and can’t wait to share it with you!!

In the meantime, look at my gallery on and tell me what you think…just click on gallery and then click on my picture…so easy and so worth the clicks…

Call me soon, love bug…you know I love you!

Barbra 888-841-9858

Auntie got some new pictures back just in time for her new web site!! I can’t wait to show you these pics..they are FAB..I did 3 new sets and will show off some on here but later will upload a bunch on my gallery that you can get to by clicking here I’ll be adding to that gallery today between phone chats and hope you can call and let me know what you think!

Talk to you soon, sexy blog buddies!




come and keep your auntie busy today, baby…You know I love our long chats in front of the fire! How about if we talk about your deepest, most desires and fantasies today. Tell me everything you have been keeping a secret and see if I can’t spin a fantasy for you that will make you cum like crazy!!!

here’s another hot pic of Auntie, makes you want me, doesn’t it???

Phone sex and Auntie Barbra, they just go together nice? LOL I’m waiting to suck your cock, baby…call me! 888-841-9858! see my site for billing details!

Hot Wet Kisses!

the picture today is out of my favorite set of pics…I have lots and lots of different sets but I think this is still my favorite. If you go to my gallery you can see lots of me… pick a favorite and if we chat on the phone I’ll send it to you…all big and glossy just like my very kissable lips…smooch

So, I have to say, I have been dealing pretty well with the slow down in business. I know it’s the economy and not your auntie but WOW things are wicked boring over here….I sure hope you call and get naughty with me soon…I’m getting restless over here and could use some attention! In fact, If you call and mention this post, I’ll give you a great deal…I’ll do an hour with you on the ph for only $100! that’s going to save you $50 smacks…and you are going to have a great call with someone you can trust, someone who has a great voice, someone who will take very good care of you!!!

Call me, sugar…I’m waiting!


please have your c/card ready when you call!!

Hey Sexy…

Auntie is home all day and I’m sooooooooooo lusty! I have all kinds of games in mind for you and I to play. I brought home a new toy from a friend’s nawty party and can’t wait to try it out. Would you like to have a hot fantasy today? One that includes your hot sexy auntie and her dirty mind?

I hope you call soon, keep me busy honey!

Auntie Barbra