All posts for the month October, 2007

Your sexy, sweet Auntie Barbra, that’s who! And I miss you…so many things have been happening I don’t know where to start. Wouldn’t you love to come over today and get me to confess all my dirty secrets to you? I’m home and hoping you will call so we can feel good, what do you say? I have so many great pics to show you and so many erotic tales to weave with you.
Phone sex is safe and healthy. You need to express yourself to someone, let it be me! I can keep your secrets if you promise to keep mine!

Hey fellas…what’s up? Days has just flown by and I have neglected you…I’m sorry, is there something I can do to make you feel better? HMMMM? LOL So, I went away last w/end and had some real fun. Met a sexy guy in Reno and had some laughs and got laid properly. He fucked me so good that I gave him 2 blowjobs the next morning just to show my appreciation…
This brings a couple questions to mind..tell me, if he kept saying things like, oh fuck, your pussy is so tight, you are so tight, oh my God, oh my God, is that a good thing? Or was he complaining?? I’m boggled, I need answers! lol Another thing, if a man cums after less than 5 minutes of a blow job am I doing something wrong? He seems so darn happy after he cums but I wonder, is he just cumming to get it over with or what???
You see, I need you to call and give me your thoughts. I want him to like me so naturally I want to be his fantasy in bed…tell me what you fellas really really like…call me today, I’m serious!!
The pic today was taken on my way home. I drove thru Lassen Park and it was BEAUTIFUL!! Hope you enjoy it!
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