All posts for the month November, 2007

I can’t believe how fast the month has flown by, for that matter the year! I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving and are ready for a treat with me! I’m home again and waiting to hear from you…I know you want to call me, so what are you waiting for?? I’m home all weekend and hope you call so we can tend to that stiff cock of yours. I miss you! have you been to my new site? I have a slick slide show for you over there…just click here and check it out! New pics and oh so sexy!
I’ve got a feeling you need your auntie to describe her big, warm boobies and how great it would feel to be devoured by me! I am in the mood to give you a nice, long blow job today…what do you say? Need to learn how to make that young dickey shoot? Call your auntie and I’ll teach you! Let’s have some sexy fun today…I’m in the mood!

so, you wondered what was keeping me so busy this weekend..LOL In between your phone calls and answering your dirty little emails, I was working on a surprise for all my phone sex friends! Most of my sites are based on mature women and your fantasies involving older/younger or you just like me and like new pictures on all my different sites I have out there…WELL, ANYWAY, I thought we would have some fun and put up a site for guys who have more, shall we say, fetish driven fantasies…you know, a bit more on the wild side…lol

The site is and it’s pretty much done. We still have to tweak the thumbnails on the girls pages, once completed you can click on a thumb and get a popup of a bigger version…you know, so you can count the pussy hairs..that kinda up close and personal! Give one of those dirty gals a call, you will notice no Auntie Barbra on that site but you can find my new slideshow on

Ok, boys, I’m off to the treadmill to keep my ass and legs nice and tight for you! I’m supposed to have a photo shoot in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for some new eye candy! Hopefully, in time for Christmas…yummmy!

Love you sexy readers…click for me? pretty please?

Love you babys…