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Hello sexy readers, how are you all today? I was reading a post about blogging the other day on a board filled with know it alls from my industry and had to laugh…Someone out there, she’s very very young but knows everything of course, calls my blog ‘old school’ and ‘boring’…I suppose that is because unlike her blog I don’t put up spread eagle shots of models claiming it to be me…Well, ok…if I’m old school, so be it…I have been writing on this particular blog since 2005 and have heard from so many of you after I post or show off softcore pics of me and my friends that I really believe you like what I do…So, I’m not going to change or fall for the trap of exposing my most private of parts for the internet.

I have never thought that showing off what is in my panties is not that hot. I think that flirting with you, teasing you and then coming thru with my own personality is what you really want. I know you like it when I show off my friends to you and I know they like it when you connect with them and have fun!

At the end of the day, we all need to travel our own roads. I’m loving my blog and I really think you do too! Let me know that you do and I’ll give you some free time or send you a hot pic of me when you call. You know no one out there cares more about you than your Auntie…

I will be home all day, it’s cold and dreary here…how bout calling and spending some time with me today…I sure would like to hear from you! I’m alone today and have the need for some sexy chat…what do you say?




vote for my site, baby…

So, I’m sitting here and I realized that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! I hope you are going to call and give me some lovin’ tomorrow…or some sexy talk, at least! I say, keep the flowers and chocolates and bring me some dick!! LOL You do have a very hot auntie and I am most def in the mood to bang out some serious phone sex calls…

Here’s a pretty picture of your favorite Auntie…Now, stop jerkin’ and start callin’!!

I have some nice discounts in mind for my long time callers. If you are new to me and want to deal with me for time on the phone, give me a call. You never know, I might be in the mood to talk cheap! You won’t know if you don’t ask…be sure and let me know you were here at my blog, I love you boys!!

Barbra xxx