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I got a hot call today from a very special man who was looking at this picture of your auntie while he pleasured himself…can you imagine? Oh, I just bet you can…
Wanna hear from my own sweet lips how I want to deep throat that cock of yours? I bet you do…what better way to spend that $600 the Feds are sending you…come on, call me!

Good Morning, Faithful Readers!

Just a quick post before I run out and get some sun on my legs to let you know I have been busy entering pictures into all the gallery on be sure and check out the new girls…I am only adding real girls these days…ones with pics done in their own homes so you can see who they are and what they are like…

I have been super busy the past few days, the phone rings alot, thank God and I’m busy searching for new ladies that can do cam…wish me luck!

Click here to go straight to the gallery page…it’s huge, so give it time to load! We have a new feature that will let you view the albums in a full screen slide show…don’t blow that load just doing that! Make sure you give your particular favorite a call to show your appreciation for her pictures…

Now, how about coming over to Auntie’s today to lay out by the pool for a little fun? That’s where I’m headed…bikini is on and the oil is warming…make me a bloody mary, honey…woohoo!



How’s it going today? Cold today for you too? I have the fire lit and I’m all cozy in a cotton sweater and leggings…yummmmy! Want to come keep me company? I have some new pics for you to check out…The gallery now has 135 pictures of me and if you use the slide show option you can watch me pose for you! Check it out at and be sure and let me know what you think when you call me!

I’ll tell you what, last Friday should be remembered as phone sex Friday…holy moly! I did so many calls, I got winded! So sexy! Everyone wanted 20-30 minute sessions and everybody used every minute! It was so great! I have been off the phone doing some naughty personal stuff and boy! You guys seemed to have saved up all that cum just for me! 16 lucky boys got to have time with their favorite! I am so flattered! and tired! LOL

So, yesterday was a bit quieter so I worked on some new stuff for you fellas…I know you need variety and I know you want REAL women and well, that is hard to do sometimes. I have a pal who is now showing off her pretty face on her page…check out Kari !

I hope you like my new pics…call me!


Auntie Barbra