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Oh, you bad boy!! I caught you AGAIN, snooping in my underwear drawer! What did I tell you I was going to do if I caught you again? That’s right, you are going to put on and wear a pair of my little silkies and wear them all day!

My sexy friends are coming over later and I’m going to make you model several different styles while you make us drinks and keep us entertained. What’s that? You want to keep my dirty, used, pussy scented, panties for your own? Say what?

You want to sniff them while you stroke your cock! Well, why didn’t you say so, here, pull down this pair, honey… Do you have a panty fetish? Do you want to smell my used panties or perhaps send me some lovely panties to wear for you when you call? I understand your needs and I am here to help you fulfill those cravings…

The scent of a woman and the feel of that silk…yummmmy, gets you all hard, huh? What style is your favorite? Thong? Bikini? Granny Panties? I have them all and I’m happy to show you… Now, pull up your panties and cum for Auntie..that’s right, be a good boy!

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Cum Play with Auntie Barbra