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Auntie needs something big and hard right here between her big boobies…Come here honey, call your Auntie TODAY and you can have 5 free minutes added on to your paid call…Auntie is lonely today and needs a phone call or two. Come spend time with your big titted, potty mouthed auntie and get those balls all cleaned out…
You know you need me, so call, I’m just a phone call away from making you melt…or squirt…giggle
Auntie Barbra
$2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum
Credit/Debit or PrePaid Gift Cards Accepted
AlphaNet Information Systems, LLC
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I hope you are all jacked up and ready for a blast off on Easter Sunday! Your favorite phone goddess is really hot to trot these days and in the mood for some sexy chat and lots of fun! Gimme a call, will ya?
Let’s scratch that itch and enjoy life. Screw all the gloom and doom, honey you only live once!
Let’s show them how it’s done, what do you say?

Call me soon!
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