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Call your Auntie Barbra
The weekend is over and you sexy Auntie Barbra is ready to have some fun.

Role Playing is a specialty of the house and if you are a good little nephew and lick your auntie good, you will get to hear Auntie cum just for you!! I love incest calls, age play is a favorite and of course, I love being worshipped or jerked off to! I have a lots of pictures to share with you and after each conversation I would be happy to send you a special picture if you like. Do you like to just have fun on the phone and talk nasty with someone other than your wife or girlfriend now and then? Well, I’m up for that too! Pretty much anything goes with me, if you think it might be a little out of the box, just email me and I’ll answer you right away.

I’m in the mood to tear up the mall today! Want to come along and be my sugar daddy? I need new bras and panties and could model for you as long as you pay, pay and pay some more! I’ll even take you into the fitting room and blow you if you buy me a pretty new dress! Wanna play daddy and take me shoe shopping? That will hurt your credit card but I promise to make you feel so good later when I’m all dressed up in what you bought me.
So what if we are miles apart…there is always the internet! I have a great place to get you started! The site is called Hips and Curves and they have UNREAL things for sexy girls to wear! I have a link for you to use just click on these highlighted words and we can shop ’til we drop!
I’m here and waiting for YOU!
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Have you met Taylor yet? She’s been on auntie-phone-sex for about a year and has built up quite a following so we decided to reward her with her own solo site!! You can find her at One Hot Phone Babe and read her blog postings there. I think she will post most days to give you something to read and of course will post new pics with each postings. A lot of you appreciate her soft, smooth voice and her wicked sense of humor. I think you like her cuz she reminds you of me…LOL
I’m home all day and feeling needy so call me if you want to have some fun with your favorite auntie…you must be missing me, RIGHT?
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$2.50 per min/10 minute minimum
credit/debit/prepaid cards sorry no bill to phone or paypal!