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Auntie Barbra Hart
Merry Christmas from Auntie Barbra

HO HO HO Phone sex

Merry Christmas

Santa Baby, I have been so good this year I deserve some good phone sex to get me through the holidays! You have heard of pussy pops, right? Well, I have been ‘making’ some pussy canes. That’s right, sweet candy canes used by me as sex toys during my fun on the phone. Talk about sugar overload. Unwrap that baby and smell the mint and taste the favor of my little beaver. I’ve been pleasing and teasing on the phone all year and now, at Christmas, I get to really enjoy myself and have fun. Break out the Bailey’s, some oil and your favorite towel…it’s gonna get wet! Let’s fantasize we are in front of the fire with the tree twinkling and snow falling. Spread me open on the floor and give me pleasure. I can’t wait!


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Phone Fantasies $2.50 a minute 10 minute minimum
Please inquire if you have any questions.
Billed as AlphaNet Information Systems LLC All major credit cards accepted.