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Auntie Phone Sex

Easter, the start of Spring when everything comes to life. Come and join Your Auntie Barbra this spring for some Hot fresh sex. I always have an easter hunt, and I’m not talking about finding eggs. Me and some hot friends get together every year for our version of an adult Easter Egg hunt. Want to find my golden egg? Open it and find out what I’ll give you. Give me a call and lets make our own easter egg hunt.  You can watch me in my pink mini as I bend over showing off my firm round ass to you.  Want to take me to the bushes and play with my rabbit hole lover? Your Auntie is ready and willing.


Phone fantasies $2.50 a minute with 10 minute minimum.
Please inquire if you have any questions.
Billed as AlphaNet Information Systems LLC All major credit cards accepted.

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