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Phone Sex

Phone Sex with Barbra

I’m Barbra Hart and for those that don’t know me just look at my body. I know a hot blooded man can’t say to big tits and a nice round ass. Do you dream of the days sucking on a nice breast? Guess what, it seems like I have just what the doctor ordered. I love showing off my tits and ass, join me your phonesex icon for a hot one on one phone sex session I’m all about pleasing your sexual needs and of course fucking my big tits.

Would you prefer spreading my firm thighs or bending me over the pussy is considered to be the central piece of any fuck fest, so why not take both your phone sex fantasies are what really turn me on and get my juices flowing right down my thigh.

Give your Auntie Barbra a call and make me your mommy.


Phone fantasies $2.00 a minute with 10 minute minimum. Please inquire if you have any questions. Billed as AlphaNet Information Systems LLC All major credit cards accepted.